About porcelain

Porcelain is the most important and valuable product of the ceramic family, where ceramics stands for anything made of clay material.

Ceramics and porcelain mixtures differ from only few elements, but what you can obtain from their moulding are two completely different products.

In fact, porcelain requires great skills to be handled: manual skill, knowledge, craft and years of experience meet any time the artisan moulds a piece; with porcelain you can obtain a very thin thickness, the surface is translucent, hard and vitreous. It has to be fired at 1300° C and, depending on the kind of finishing, it might need extra firings.

Porcelain only

Porcellana This one is the most classical and traditional line of the company, with pieces entirely made of porcelain: beautiful flowers bloom from delicate branches, while colours and shapes are extremely realistic and natural.
A touch of modernity is given by the gold or platinum finished collection.
Both these lines originate real works of art, whose great value and prestige will last forever.

Porcelain and Metal

Metallo-PorcellanaPewter is also a material of antique tradition and lends itself to the creation of small to medium size items; it can be used purely or enriched with gold or silver plating by galvanic treatment.
Brass is instead more suitable to produce bigger and steady supports for candleholders, chandeliers or wall hanging compositions.


LuceThe lighting line arises to complete the "Napoleon" image: unique compositions to complete and embellish living spaces with magnificent details. Born under this idea is the collection of chandeliers in the style of the royal European palaces of 1700, but still meeting today's taste and enhancing their elegance with the Napoleon flowers originality.


SpecialWe often collaborate with our customers and on the basis of their suggestions we create special items "on request" , fully satisfying their personal and various needs.

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